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I offer four levels of bike service, a Safety Check at £35 which is designed to get you back on the road with a bike which is safe. I  check and adjust the axles, the spokes are then tightened and the wheels trued, as best they can be.A full safety check is done, steering bearings set up, the gears are made to work as well as they can do (within the limits of wear and tear). The brakes are set up, tyres inflated etc, and then I get to go for a spin to make sure it is safe to ride, and needs nothing sorting out.

NOTE:  If I find any disasters impending, I have a policy of ringing the customer first, to “sort out a plan” if you like. As opposed to turning up on your doorstep with a bill that’s going to leave you on beans on toast for the rest of the month!

The Interim service at £55 includes the above, plus I turn the bike upside down, take the wheels out, and then soak the whole bike as well as the gears, in thin penetrating oil, and then thicker synthetic oil which is left to soak in. This is a great investment as it will help keep out rust, which is bad news for bikes. A good scrub and a clean off will shine the bike up nicely. I then top up the grease in both wheel axles, the bottom bracket(crank bearings) and headset (steering bearings).

The Full service at £75 includes the above, plus replacing all the wiring with new stainless steel inners and any outers that are not perfect. This is a very good idea for bikes that still have the original wiring that is usually galvanised steel stuff that is prone to rusting up.

The Total rebuild at £100 includes all the above, but when the bike is stripped down all the oily bits are  put through a parts cleaner, and scrubbed clean, and then blasted with compressed air to make them spotless and shiny, the wheel rims are scrubbed with steel wool to take all the ground in brake dust out of them, the frame is washed and polished, the hubs are washed out, the bottom bracket threads are cleaned and recut if needed, and the whole bike is rebuilt with fresh grease and anti-seize from the ground up. Looks like a new one!

NOTE: As the bike is completely stripped for a full service, or a total rebuild, it is a good time to get things such as headsets, bottom brackets, hub parts, tyres, brake blocks, etc replaced, as it will incur LITTLE OR NO extra labour charges. Smooth move.

The price is inclusive of collection and delivery from a convenient location within the District of Lancaster and Morecambe. If you wish to use my services and live outside of the District then please get in touch and I will advise on any extra costs incurred due to travel.

Please note that Service prices do not include the cost of replacement parts if required.  I will advise and seek agreement from you prior to work being done if replacement parts are required.

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