For most of my life, I have been mending bikes, because as a youth I was very good at breaking them! I have been working in bike shops, in my own workshop or at events from the back of my van, since I was 16.  I started my collection service in 2000 after seeing many customers struggling to get their bikes to the high street shops, whether it be in the back of the car or ridden in a dangerous condition. Being self employed has its drawbacks, not least the feeling of being rather popular in summer! So don’t leave it to the week before you set off round the world before ringing me.

I am an experienced  mechanic who has worked on the very best and very worst of bikes.  My main market is urban utility bikes, used every day to commute, or go shopping, or just to get out on a weekend for a jaunt about the lakes or forests. Whatever the problem with your bike I will most likely have seen it  before, and if I haven’t, I enjoy a “learning opportunity”! so please don’t be afraid to get in touch and I’ll be happy to help you out.



Another thing I enjoy doing, is teaching sessions, in customers houses or sheds etc, these can be basic cleaning and oiling and day to day looking after hard working bikes, or stripping them right down and getting into rebuilding them. Can work very well for groups into touring or adventure cycling.  Contact me for more info.




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